How We Help

Helping Children with Cancer and Their Families

The Lexiebean Foundation was created out of the need for financial and emotional support for families that are coping with pediatric cancer. We know first hand how much money it costs to support a child with cancer. Even with insurance, the costs are overwhelming. Out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from pediatric cancer center charges have been shown to average $34,558 over the course of the treatment. The family is often faced with additional non-medical expenditures associated with traveling to and from the treatment institution, accommodation and meals away from home, as well as daycare for other young children at home. These non-medical out-of-pocket expenses associated with providing treatment for the cancer child have been shown to average 38% of the family’s gross annual income and 42.7% of families will have a parent give up or greatly reduce employment to care for their child. As a result, lost wages associated with caring for a cancer child account for nearly half of the two parent family’s previous annual income. This financial strain is considerably greater in the single parent family. It is not uncommon for childhood cancer families to lose all assets and emotional stability in the process of providing the best possible care for their child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help ease the financial and emotional burdens that childhood cancer places upon a family, while providing comfort to children as they cope with the extended hospital stays, often associated with their illness. The Lexiebean Foundation will supply care packages to patients, parents and their siblings; while providing financial aid to families on a case-by-case basis.