Important COVID-19 update from Lexiebean

Dear Friends of The Lexiebean Foundation, As we navigate these uncertain times, we have to make everyone’s health and safety the highest priority. As such, we are postponing our 10th annual Wish Upon A Star Gala which was scheduled for April 24th 2020. We hope to reschedule this special event, and we will keep you […]

Two Champagne Glasses

Silent Auction Items

Hello, We are excited to tell you that our auction has gone mobile this year! The Lexiebean Foundation will be using HANDBID, a mobile silent auction platform which allows you to bid from your smartphone. Save time at checkin by getting setup and Bidding BEFORE YOU ARRIVE! STEP 1: DOWNLOAD THE HANDBID APP If you […]

Robert A. Wilkie Memorial Scholarship

Are you a Pediatric Cancer survivor or sibling of a pediatric cancer patent (living or deceased)? Were you accepted in an undergraduate program at any university, college or trade school or do you currently have your unofficial transcript? Are you currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at any university, college or trade school? If you […]

9th Annual Gala

Join Lexiebean Foundation on April 12 for a memorable evening when you can help children dealing with cancer to “wish upon a star.” The Wish Upon A Star Gala is an annual event that aims to raise funds to support the Foundation’s important work with childhood cancer patients. Held at the Crest Hollow Country Club […]

Puppy power: Is a therapy dog a good choice for your child?

With those wagging tails, floppy ears, and friendly licks, it’s hard to deny how fun it is to be around a dog. But puppies have proven to be more than just entertaining. More and more, researchers are discovering the amazing ways that puppies can help sick patients feel better and lighten the mood even in […]

What to expect after a childhood cancer diagnosis

“Your child has cancer.” These are words no parent wants to hear, and there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for them. Once you recover from the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis, you’ll probably find yourself asking a lot of questions: How and why did this happen? What are the next steps? […]

Making a hospital room feel more like home

Dealing with cancer is tough enough on its own. A diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming, and the last thing a child wants to do is face it in unfamiliar territory. Today’s New York hospitals, and especially children’s wings, make a significant effort to provide the comforts of home in patient rooms. Doctors, nurses, and […]

How to Cope When a Sibling Has Cancer

How can you help your other children when a brother or sister has cancer? When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is the worst day in the life of a parent. The initial shock, disbelief and panic may fade somewhat with time, but life is immediately changed. Adults, more often than not, are soon […]

Some of the Most Common Childhood Cancers

What are some of the most common childhood cancers? When your child is diagnosed with cancer, the news is devastating, but statistics on survival keep improving. At present, more than 80 percent of childhood cancer patients will recover, whereas during the mid-1970s the 5-year survival rate was only 58 percent. Even so, cancer remains the […]

12-Year-Old Girl Organizes Musical Fundraiser for Children with Cancer

How can moving forward with hope and love help us heal? For those struggling with childhood cancer, both patients and their families, there is help available. Though this may seem to be the darkest, most solitary period of your life, it can become a period of comfort and redemption. The trick is to turn out […]