Families We’ve Helped

Tanner, age 2


“My wife Melissa and I were extremely fortunate enough to become the first recipients of a donation from your organization. Our son Tanner is currently being treated at Cohen’s, and we decided what a better way to give back then to attend your outing and dinner. My brother Steve and I will be playing the round and my wife and his wife will be joining us for dinner. Also, our nurse at the hospital Marjorie has expressed interest in attending the dinner as well. I just need to know where and who I can send money to for the outing. Thank you.”

Ty, age 3


“I am Ty Louis Campbell’s mom. We recently received a very generous donation and a beautiful gift basket from the Lexibean foundation that covered the costs of our medical bills at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital. We are so grateful, your efforts inspire us. As you know all too well, being the parents of a sick child changes your perspective on pretty much everything. We are only at the beginning of this painful journey, but our lives have already been touched by so many beautiful people like you and we are changed forever. Thank you.”


“We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of Philip. This has been difficult for us, but knowing we have your prayers and concerns certainly helps. The basket was beautiful. Pia, Philip and Dominick will get it when they return. I will keep you posted. My brother feels very optimistic. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Danny M., age 8


“I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful job you guys did at the party for the patients at the Brain and Spinal Cord Center at Cohen’s last night. My son, Danny has been a patient there since 2007 and last night was the first night he actually walked into the hospital bursting with excitement and left with an even bigger smile on his face. You went so above and beyond with so many fantastic gifts, prizes and fun for all the kids and their families. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.”

Ella Kate K., age 2

Ella Kate

“We could never thank you enough for your financial assistance during this difficult time. It means so much to us to be able to be with our Ella during this time, you have helped provide that opportunity for us.”


“Thank you so much for the generous donation you sent to us for Colin. We really appreciate the support & both Colin and Brody were excited to receive the gift basket & their toys. Thanks again & please keep Colin in your prayers”

Dean B., age 17


“We want to take the time to thank you so much for your generous help to our family at this hard and stressful time. It is truly amazing and so appreciated that there are people out there that really care.”

Holden B., age 17


“Thank you so much for your caring generosity. Holden loved the gift basket & red is his favorite color! The whole family appreciates your gift !!”


“We would like to thank you for your loving kindness and your financial contribution in the midst of sorrow. May God bless your hearts and your company to always have funds to help other families we are enduring similar crisis.”

Manijeh, age 12


Talyn, age 3


Marilyn, age 7


Kiara, age 10


Danny, age 1


Analiyah C., age 9


Jessica M.


Sophia M., age 4


Nick L.